Free Scientific Resource on Bioreactor Process Correlations and Sample-free Pluripotent Stem Cell Expansion

Moving a cell culture process from the lab bench to a suspension bioreactor is often one of the first steps in commercialization of a cell and gene therapy product. This step, and any future scale-up work, requires specialized expertise and equipment.

This slide deck features the newest data from CCRM and GE Healthcare on the development of bioreactor-based culture protocols for pluripotent stem cells. Learn about the following topics in this slide deck:

  • Scale-up considerations for Stirred-Tank Reactors (STRs)
  • Cell line equivalence and Process Robustness
  • Development of In-Process Controls
  • Downstream Processing and Therapeutic Relevance

If you’re looking for information that will help you understand the steps requires to move your process into a bioreactor, this slide deck will be a fantastic resource.

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