Production of high-quality lentiviral vectors (LVV) for genetic modification of cells can be one of the most significant technical bottlenecks in product and process development for cell and gene therapies. How can upstream and downstream processing be optimized? What are the latest advancements that can take a process to the next level? These are critical questions that, if resolved early in the product development process, can have tremendous impact on cost and efficiency during scale-up and on-going GMP manufacturing. 

 This poster explains how to develop cutting edge LLV technology. You will learn about:   

  • Production scale-up for LVV 
  • Suspension culture for LVV production   
  • Use of stable inducible cell lines in LVV production   
  • Media optimization for LVV production 

 If you are searching for information on developing the most effective gene and cell therapies using current state-of-the-art approaches in LVV manufacturing, this may be the resource for you.