Free Scientific Resource on Moving Towards a Closed CAR-T Manufacturing Process

CAR-T immunotherapy is changing the way we think about cancer treatment. Early and impressive clinical success of this emerging therapy is driving a revolution in the cell and gene therapy industry. Developers are rushing to solve technical hurdles, drive down costs, and make this therapy widely available.

In this highly competitive space, how can you stand out from the crowd and develop a more effective CAR-T therapy? The answer is simple: access to the newest technologies. In this poster you will discover how innovative CAR-T manufacturing processes and technologies can help your CAR-T therapy. This poster will explore ways to:

  • Develop closed systems
  • Pursue automated processes
  • Evaluate and create more effective cryopreservation strategies
  • Assess and establish modular manufacturing approaches

If you are looking to better understand how process innovation can advance CAR-T therapies, this resource may help create a more effective CAR-T therapy.

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