Free Scientific Resource on De-mystifying and De-risking Process Development Through Early Engagement with a CDMO

Advancing a new cell and gene therapy from concept to market is a complex and highly technical process that will be unique for every product. How do you navigate this process, sometimes with limited time and resources? Working with a CDMO to develop custom solutions for your product may be the answer?

This white paper features expert opinions from CCRM and GE Healthcare on the benefits of working with a CDMO. Learn about how CDMOs can help with:

  • selection and access to the appropriate cell types
  • process development
  • analytics development
  • manufacturing of ancillary regents and consumables
  • clinical and logistics considerations

If you’re looking for information that will help you make the decision to work with a CDMO, this white paper will be a fantastic resource. This white paper was authored by senior CCRM scientists (Elizabeth Csaszar and Spencer Hoover), in collaboration with colleagues from GE Healthcare (Rohin Iyer).