Despite the clinical success of CAR-T cells, challenges associated with routinely offering these products as treatment alternatives remain. Such challenges include the costly manufacturing process relying on lengthy, labor intensive and complex open workflows that ultimately influence product variability. What workflows are involved in downstream processing of cellular therapies? What are some of the key steps and equipment used in such workflows? The answer lies in access to latest technologies and efficient ways to integrate automation.

This resource explains development of a closed CAR-T manufacturing process that can be widely adopted by the T-cell immunotherapy industry. You will learn about:  

  • Commercially available regents that improve process efficiency
  • Equipment that can reduce manual manipulation time
  • How automation can reduce open operations

If you are searching for information on downstream processing of cellular immunotherapies using state-of-the-art approaches, this may be the resource for you.

Moving towward a Closed CAR-T Manufacturing Process